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My New Project a Great Lakes
My new project is a Great Lakes 2T-1A-2, I purchased it in Phoenix Arizona G-GLII

My Vans RV7 Build Site
My Vans RV7 build site, click for history and build diary

My Aircraft Specification
Vans RV7
Top Speed - 210mph
Cruise - 200mph
Take off Distance - 275ft
Landing Distance - 350ft
Rate of Climb - 2'200fpm
Ceiling 23'000ft
Fuel Range - 775sm (950sm max echonomy cruise)
Fuel Capacity - 42 US Gal
Fuel Consumption 10 US Gal/hr.
Engine - Superior IO-360 (180hp)
Propeller - Hertzell Constant Speed,
Dynon D100 EFIS, AF-2500,

Great Lakes 2T-1A-2
Never exceed - 153mph
Cruise - 120mph
Climb (sea level) - (IO-360)76.5mph
Rate of Climb (sea level) - 1150 ft/min
Service Ceiling - 17'000ft
Stall Speed - 56mph
Load Factor - +5.4 / -4.0G
Fuel Range - 3.8hr / 300miles
Fuel Capacity - 27.4 US Gal
Fuel Consumption 3.5-18.5 US Gal/hr
Gross Weight - 1800lb
Empty Weight(approx) - 1233lb
Max Baggage - 40lb
Engine - Lycoming AEIO-360
Propeller - Hertzell Constant Speed

Cessna FRA150L
Never exceed - 193mph/168kts
Cruise - 110mph
Range - 348-704 NM
Fuel Capacity - 26 US Gal / 98L
Climb (sea level) - (O-240)846fpm
Rate of Climb (sea level) - 846 ft/min
Take-off Ground Run - 174m
Take-off Ground Run clear 50ft - 316m
Landing Run - 136m
Land Clear 50ft - 328m
Service Ceiling - 14'000ft
Stall Speed - 45mph (clean)
Stall Speed - 35mph (40% flap)
Load Factor - +6G/-3G
Fuel Range - 3.8hr / 300miles
Fuel Capacity - 27.4 US Gal
Fuel Consumption 3.5-18.5 US Gal/hr
Gross Weight - 750kg
Empty Weight(approx) - 1233lb
Max Baggage - 54kg/120lb
Engine - RollsRoyce Continental O-240-A(130HP)
Propeller - Fixed Pitch McCauley 1A135/BRM7150
My Flying 2010.
2009 has passed and turned out to be a good but flying year for me. I managed to put 63 hrs in my log book. Not my record for a year however my record was 65hrs and that was in my Cessna 150. So last year must be my distance record as my RV is so much faster!
Starting 2010 and the weather has been quite good allowing me 11 flights my mid April.

2010 Trips & Events

17-18 April - *** Thruxton Closed
8 May - Thruxton Closed
9 May Pooleys Day, Compton Abbas
28-30 May RV Fly-in, Damme Germany
11-13 June IOW Festival
13 June Biplane fly-in, Compton Abbas
25-27 June Aeroexpo, Wycombe Airpark
26-27 June Vans Club France Fly-in Avranches LFNB - France.
11 July Vans RV fly-in, Popham
7-8 August - Thruxton Closed
28-29 August - Thuxton Closed

Vans RV7 Graphics
New graphics for my RV
AI have been creating graphics for the paintwork on my Great Lakes. So I decided to do some for my RV - after all people keep asking me if it's an RV6! I have also put the web address of my build site on the tail!

If any readers would like some for their a/c mail me. I have a set in red and can produce some more.
Isle of wight
Popham Paparazzi
If you visit Popham on a nice day, especially during a fly-in you will find a number of photographers - and they are very good!

Anothy Noble is a regular and again got a really nice picture of me taking off on 03 at Popham.

Picture by permission Anthony Noble.
Few days off
At last I have been able to take a few days off and the weather has actually been nice!
Flying family.....
Jo and I had our wedding party, and family travelled a long way to be with us. So Monday after the party I took some of them flying.

My Uncle Bob comes flying for the first time.

Flying family......
Down to the IOW and round the needles.
Flying family.....
Manuella came flying, she was very good. Steady hand and controlled the aircraft well.

Flying Family
Rene also had a go - Bernadette's turn next?!!
Vans Rv7 rudder
The weather is still great .....
Aero-expo at Wycombe as well as a few flights to the coast with Jo.

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