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My Flying 2004.
The first flight (18th Jan) this year Jo and I make a trip to Goodwood via the Isle of White. The next trip I make is February and I fly EV to Busy Bee Aeroenginering at Sibson for her C of A. Fernley had already mentioned one cylinder was close to tolerance so I decide to have all four replaced with overhauled units. At the same time I had a CHT/EGT gauge fitted and the Hobbs meter fixed. Other than the engine work I knew about EV again went through the C of A not needing any major work. But It did take a while waiting for the CHT/EGT gauge and I was not able to collect EV until 31st March.

Jo and her Mum
Jo showing her Mum around EV
Jo showing her Mum around EV.
Me and Paul in Evy, Popham
Pauls first flight
Easter comes, so it was fingers crossed for good weather. The forecast was not great, but I manage a flight on Good Friday, Saturday is rained off. Sunday improves, and while the north of the UK is dull I take a good friend Paul for his first flight (Paul pictured below - by Brian Nicholas) in a light aircraft - over his parents in Farnham, then we head off to Bembridge on the IOW. He said he was blown away by how quickly and easy we get there and back to Popham. When we return I total my hours - I have just passed 300 hrs total time. Monday is another good day and I pop up to see Patrick at Sibson.
This is what flying is about....
the M25/A1 South mimms Junction. Roundabout is solid as I often found it. Nice to be above and not stuck in it! (Note: The A1 is empty and so is M25, so where is the hold-up?!).
Richard and me taking off from Popham
April & May: Visits to Sibson, IOW twice and some local flights. 19hrs so far since EV has been for her C of A. Rich use to be a regular passenger in EV, but having changed job, moved home and got married he's been a little busy! So we go for a trip to look at his new house from the air - Popham was busy with the Microlight trade day and Rich is spotted (picture below by Steve Hall).
On the Cambrai Covers Stand at North Weald
PFA Rally, Kemble.
25 hrs since March.... May - I offer to lend EV to Cambrai Covers (EV with covers fitted) for Aerofair - Friday I flyin and Steve kindly gives me a lift back home. I collected EV on Sunday.
A few visits to Sibson, Bembridge and the PFA rally at Kemble ensures I am getting plenty of flying. July and Jo and I decide to take a week off and take EV flying. I have only taken Jo to LeTouquet and she is keen to visit other places. .
Taking off from Popham
We also decided our goal for this year is to fly to Jersey routing Isle of White to Deauville rather than the Dover crossing. Our plan for our week off starts as Jersey, La Rochelle and maybe Biarritz. However less than a week before we leave Jo and I discuss a rather more ambitious trip, involving 9hrs flying all the way to Valencia Spain!
EV taking off from Popham (picture by Rob Hayward).
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