gapilot vans RV7 quick build kit
My Flying 2005/6.
I have not been flying very much this year as I have been so busy building my Vans RV7. After Evys usual trip in March to Peterborough for her mainternance Jo and I head off to Bembridge on the Isle of Wight.

Taking a few friends flying.....
The start of the 2005 flying season and I take a few friends flying, most for the first time in a light aircraft. Helen, Jason, Vince and James. May seems to be the month of taking people for rides hey!

Picture of Oscar trying to help me plan a trip.
Landing at Colmar
French RV Builders 2005 Fly-in Colmar.
Robert and I go the the French RV builder anual fly-in in France. This year it is at Colmar, we go in Roberts Vans RV6 and stop at a few places on the way.
Finish the year(2005)....
I finish the year with just a few trips in the 150. LeTouqet, Wycombe, Sandown, Bembridge & Brimpton to look for some hangerage for the possible completion of my Vans RV7 kit I am building (
2006 Start........
2006 starts with the usual trip to Busy Bee at Peterborough Sibson for mainternance. Again Evy comes back without any problems. However I almost create some for myself when I run into bad weather on the way home near Stoken Church. I divert to RAF Halton, they are really helpful and they even give me a lift home - all the way to Farnborough. They are great guys and look after Evy in the hanger for a week until the weather clears and I can get her home.
April and I have a long weekend in Florida to see friends and go to the airshow. Jay makes it really special by offering to fly me into the airshow..
French RV Builders 2006 Fly-in La Baule France.
Again Robert and I go to the French RV builders fly-in. It is in LaBaule France this year. As Robert has sold his RV6 (and started building a RV7!!!) we go in my Cessna 150.
Tailwheel and complex training at White Waltham.
As I am close to completion of my Vans RV7 build I need to get tailwheel and constant speed prop' experience and I am recomended Bruce Hutton who works at White Waltham. I start in the clubs Super Cub G-WLAC. My first trip out in the Cub is a nightmare. The Cub is totally alien to me with a stick and the throttle in my left hand - I have only ever flown with the throttle in my right hand. I cannot stear the Cubproperly, and after some general handling and some spinning I feel sick and we have to land! After a bit to eat we head out an hour later and all of a sudden I find I can control the Cub on the ground, Bruce even lets me take off. After some more genral handling which goes far better than the morning we are back to the circuit and I land it firts time with some prompting from Bruce. A few more circuits and Bruce asks what the hell was wrong with me on the first flight in the morning as I have really got the hang of the Cub now!
I have another lesson a few days later but the wather is really bad and we only do half an hour which is a shame as Bruce said I could have gone solo if the weather was better. The following week after a half hour dual I go solo on the Cub - in 2.9hrs!
The following week I do my complex training for retractable undercarrage and constant speed propellar on White Waltham's PA28 G-WWAL.
Vans RV7 First Flight.
18th November and my Vans RV7 makes it's first flight with test pilot Bob Cole at the controls. The next day I go along to take notes while he makes a number of manuvers. I am so please the RV goes like a rocket. Bob continues testing my RV - weather slows progress and the test flying is finally complete on 13th January. The PFA Pertmit to fly is issues on 13th Feburary. The insurance company want 15 take off and landings under instruction so Bob puts me through my paces with some unusual attitues etc and signes me off to fly my RV.
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