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Sun N Fun Florida - 2006.
I have been to Sun N Fun in Florida before, with friends living not far away fI decided to pop over for a long weekend. To see some friends and visit the airshow the proper way - by air!

Jay, Stuart Florida.
Jay mailled me one day and suggested we visit Sun N Fun and we go by air. He has acess to a nice 172 Cassna.
Landing at Colmar
Stuart Florida.
Departing Jay's home base Stuart. What a great place if only I had something similar near where I live.... or even in the UK!.
Stop for fuel.
John was meeting us at Lakeland so it was just Jayman and me in the Cessna. We needed to refuel so we stopped by at a friend of Jays a farm strip. I really remember Jays comment on the approach "are you okay it is a small airstrip", boy that made me chuckle inside. Where I operate from it's about 1/3rd the size with a dogleg approach and dips in the middle. Nah, I am okay Jay.
Arrival at Sun N Fun, Lakeland, Florida.
This is the ONLY way to arrive to an airshow - by air. Thanks Jay.
The boys - John and Jay.

So American!
Welcome to an American airshow, great air displays.
Vans Aircraft.
Obviously I stopped by the Vans stand as I am building my own RV7 - .
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