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My Flying 2008.
This year is full of expectation my RV7 is flying and I have my project Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 in my workshop for rainy days. The year starts well but then the UK weather - or lack of a summer - means I don't want to risk going too far. However Jo and I decide to 'complete' the build project by making a flight to Spain.
The RV7 type is now cleared for aerobatics, and my Trio wing leveller installation has also been approved for fitment so I will be connecting and have the flight tests performed - Planned for December or January next year ready for my Permit renewal.
Great Lakes news, all the wings have been rebuilt and fabric covering started. As the summer weather has been so bad I have progressed well!

Vans RV7.
Last year - the first year with my RV - I put over 40 hrs on my RV7. It's now painted and I hope to complete more trips and do plenty of flying in my RV this year.
Permit Renewal - 24th Feb'08
My 'Permit to Fly' expired on 14th Feb. I did the test flight on 10th Feb but was not in a hurry to renew the permit as I wanted to push the renewal to the end of Feb - as I am usually away at the end of Jan. My inspector is Barry Goldsack - who is also inspecting my Great Lakes. He came down on Sunday and made a thorough inspection.
March - Rain, rain and more rain.....
Having got my LAA permit to fly back promptly - posted Monday on my door mat by Wednesday. The weather is either high winds, rain or low cloud. So I just cleaned and polished my RV.
My Aircraft Specification
Vans RV7
Top Speed - 210mph
Cruise - 200mph
Take off Distance - 275ft
Landing Distance - 350ft
Rate of Climb - 2'200fpm
Ceiling 23'000ft
Fuel Range - 775sm (950sm max echonomy cruise)
Fuel Capacity - 42 US Gal
Fuel Consumption 10 US Gal/hr.
Engine - Superior IO-360 (180hp)
Propeller - Hertzell Constant Speed,
Dynon D100 EFIS, AF-2500,

Great Lakes 2T-1A-2
Never exceed - 153mph
Cruise - 120mph
Climb (sea level) - (IO-360)76.5mph
Rate of Climb (sea level) - 1150 ft/min
Service Ceiling - 17'000ft
Stall Speed - 56mph
Load Factor - +5.4 / -4.0G
Fuel Range - 3.8hr / 300miles
Fuel Capacity - 27.4 US Gal
Fuel Consumption 3.5-18.5 US Gal/hr
Gross Weight - 1800lb
Empty Weight(approx) - 1233lb
Max Baggage - 40lb
Engine - Lycoming AEIO-360
Propeller - Hertzell Constant Speed

Cessna FRA150L
Never exceed - 193mph/168kts
Cruise - 110mph
Range - 348-704 NM
Fuel Capacity - 26 US Gal / 98L
Climb (sea level) - (O-240)846fpm
Rate of Climb (sea level) - 846 ft/min
Take-off Ground Run - 174m
Take-off Ground Run clear 50ft - 316m
Landing Run - 136m
Land Clear 50ft - 328m
Service Ceiling - 14'000ft
Stall Speed - 45mph (clean)
Stall Speed - 35mph (40% flap)
Load Factor - +6G/-3G
Fuel Range - 3.8hr / 300miles
Fuel Capacity - 27.4 US Gal
Fuel Consumption 3.5-18.5 US Gal/hr
Gross Weight - 750kg
Empty Weight(approx) - 1233lb
Max Baggage - 54kg/120lb
Engine - RollsRoyce Continental O-240-A(130HP)
Propeller - Fixed Pitch McCauley 1A135/BRM7150

Vans RV7 G-RVAC first flight.
I was out today and stopped by at Popham just when G-RVAC was about to do it's first flight - and I actually had my camera with me!
Vans RV7 G-RVUK.
Robert has finished his second RV and had it painted at Mick Allens at Turweston, where I had mine painted. I popped in to help him put it back together. G-OVII
Vans RV fly-in Popham 08-Jun-08.
I think this is the first RV fly-in I have been able to attend with my RV! Robert comes down in his RV and on the way home Tim takes a few pictures. Muchamel Airfield Spain
A few years ago I flew my Cessna 150 G-BAEV from Popham to Valencia. We enjoyed the trip but decided it would be nice to do it a bit quicker. This is when I decided to build the RV. So it was time to take my RV7 to Spain - after all that's why I built it - More pictures here. Steve & Claire
Taking friends flying.
Steve is not fond of flying, but was willing to give it a go in my RV7. He even knew I had built it. So I took it easy and gave him the option of not going at any time - apart from just as we take off. Well, I'm happy to say that Steve enjoyed himself, so much so he wants to go again and can't wait until the pile of parts in my workshop are in the air (my Great Lakes). Claire also came for a ride also having a go at flying. New Alresford to their house in minutes.
Formation Flying - Vans RV7
Formation Flight Training - North Weald.
The RV group organised some formation flight training at North Weald. The weather stopped me from attending the morning session.
Pictures by Gary Ramage
Gary was visiting from Australia and we decided to take some time out (Ali and Jo went shopping) and go flying. Gary is a professional photographer and more used to hanging out of the back fo helicopters in warzones, so I figured we would be fine in my RV! We had some fun flying around and taking pictures. The home page of my gapilot site is one of his pictures - here are some more (thanks Gary).
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