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My New Project a Great Lakes
My new project is a Great Lakes 2T-1A-2, I purchased it in Phoenix Arizona G-GLII

My Vans RV7 Build Site
My Vans RV7 build site, click for history and build diary

My Aircraft Specification
Vans RV7
Top Speed - 210mph
Cruise - 200mph
Take off Distance - 275ft
Landing Distance - 350ft
Rate of Climb - 2'200fpm
Ceiling 23'000ft
Fuel Range - 775sm (950sm max echonomy cruise)
Fuel Capacity - 42 US Gal
Fuel Consumption 10 US Gal/hr.
Engine - Superior IO-360 (180hp)
Propeller - Hertzell Constant Speed,
Dynon D100 EFIS, AF-2500,

Great Lakes 2T-1A-2
Never exceed - 153mph
Cruise - 120mph
Climb (sea level) - (IO-360)76.5mph
Rate of Climb (sea level) - 1150 ft/min
Service Ceiling - 17'000ft
Stall Speed - 56mph
Load Factor - +5.4 / -4.0G
Fuel Range - 3.8hr / 300miles
Fuel Capacity - 27.4 US Gal
Fuel Consumption 3.5-18.5 US Gal/hr
Gross Weight - 1800lb
Empty Weight(approx) - 1233lb
Max Baggage - 40lb
Engine - Lycoming AEIO-360
Propeller - Hertzell Constant Speed

Cessna FRA150L
Never exceed - 193mph/168kts
Cruise - 110mph
Range - 348-704 NM
Fuel Capacity - 26 US Gal / 98L
Climb (sea level) - (O-240)846fpm
Rate of Climb (sea level) - 846 ft/min
Take-off Ground Run - 174m
Take-off Ground Run clear 50ft - 316m
Landing Run - 136m
Land Clear 50ft - 328m
Service Ceiling - 14'000ft
Stall Speed - 45mph (clean)
Stall Speed - 35mph (40% flap)
Load Factor - +6G/-3G
Fuel Range - 3.8hr / 300miles
Fuel Capacity - 27.4 US Gal
Fuel Consumption 3.5-18.5 US Gal/hr
Gross Weight - 750kg
Empty Weight(approx) - 1233lb
Max Baggage - 54kg/120lb
Engine - RollsRoyce Continental O-240-A(130HP)
Propeller - Fixed Pitch McCauley 1A135/BRM7150
My Flying 2009.
2008 has passed, the weather was not great but I was able to make a trip to Muchamel in Spain, so it was a good year after all. Feburary is time for my permit renewal so I decided to also get my wing leveller installed and apply for aerobatics clerance. My inspector Barry came down at the beginning of Feburary, inspected for permit renewal. Checked the control surfaces for the aerobatic clearance and checked my wing leveller installation. I sent my MOD paperwork to the LAA and received my test permit ready for the following weekend.
The Trio EZ pilot test flight went well and I was able to send the test report back the following Monday along with my Permit renewall. The LAA were great again and sent my permit renewal, EZ Pilot MOD approval and aerobatics test permit by the following weekend.
Feburay weather is not reliable for test flying, so I didn't expect to perform the test flight quickly. However Sunday I happened to be in the club house whan Bob walked in shortly after the weather had cleared. So off he went in my RV, only the second flight it has not made with me. Aerobatics test flight complete and posted to LAA. Hopefully back soon and 2009 will be an aerobatic year! *** Back now and cleared for aerobatics.

2009 Trips & Events

16 May Manchester Fly-in - Barton EGCB
17 May Pooleys Day - Compton Abbas EGHA
22-24 May 2nd Intl European Vans Meet - Damme, Germany. Route: Lydd, Dunkerque, Damme EDWC.

13-14 June Vans Club France Fly-in - St. Brieuc France. Route: IOW, Cherbourg, (Jersey), St.Brieuc LFRT.

17-19th July Tannkosh, Germany. Route: Lydd, Haguenau, Tannheim EDMT

Goodwood Airfield
Chichester Goodwood EGHR
A friend of mine Jason just passed his GFT and now has his pilots licence - You can see his learning to fly diary on his site . He came down for the weekend and we went flying in my RV, not sure if I frightened the cr*p out of him on take off but he said it was brisker than his Cessna 172! The Popham microlite fair was on and we passed Popham on the way to Goodwood. On hearing there were eight aircraft on final I asked if he fancied flying the RV into Popham.... we continued to Goodwood!
Isle of wight
I always seem to end up round the IOW!
After Goodwood we headed round the IOW and Jason was getting an idea of the speed of the RV. After a trip round the needles we headed north towards Popham and decided to throw ourselves into the chaos of the Popham microlite fair - well I use to be based at Popham so I was used to 'the Popham experience' but it was Jason's first time and I am pleased to say he didn't scream at any time. You see now he is a pilot he knows what is happening, to non pilots - this is normal to have aircraft all over the place!!!!!! We got just about the last parking space and had a good afternoon looking around.
Departing Popham
The great thing about Popham and especially a flyin there are usually some great photographers about.
Here is Jason and Me departing Runway 26 at Popham. Tail up quickly - well before intersection.

Picture by permission Dave Green
Big Day........
Nearly seven years ago now when Jo and I first got together I am sure her dad, Tony thought I had got my pilots license at a car boot sale and was not keen on the idea of his daughter going up in light aircraft. That changed when Jo and I flew in my Cessna 150 all the way to Spain where they live. Although when I then announced I was going to build an aircraft in the garage, again he was not convinced it was a good idea! After build my Vans RV7 Jo and I again made the trip to Spain - a lot faster this time. Now a year on and one year one day after Tony had the first of double hip replacement operations that he underwent in 2008, he was fit enough to get in and out of my RV7 so I offered him a ride. Here we are pictured after an enjoyable journey from Thruxton, round the Isle of Wight and then on to Blackbushe. And he wants to go up again!
Jo is Flying
Look at the concentration. January this year Jo was on a journey from Boston USA back to the UK on American Airlines, to cut a long story short it was the worst trip of her life (and Jo has been flying on her own since the age of 6 and in my light aircraft). the captain even announced they were going faster than a bullet from a gun. No food or drinks were served and the crew remained strapped in for 90% of the flight. They also ran out of sick bags....... The result for us has been that Jo has not enjoyed flying commercially and now does not enjoy her trips in our RV either. The slightest bump makes her fearful. So this weekend with nice weather we have been working on it together. After take off Jo took control and did some flying - including steep turns and general handling to get use to the idea of bumps, and seeing the ground! Hopefully she will get over her nervousness - THANKS American Airlines - the storm you flew through was forecast!!!
After returning from a trip to the IOW Andy who has an aircraft in the hanger next to mine told me about Pembrey in Wales. Pembrey is just past Swansea - located in a restricted area it is usually UNRESTRICTED at weekends.
So the following day Jo and I decided to visit. Our route took us over the old severn bridge and past Swansea. We landed and walked to the beach - it's a 40 minute walk. The beach... what a beach 7 miles of lovely sand with about 8 people on it! The military land Hercules on the beach! We had a great day.
A friend of mine Jason has recently passed his GFT and gained his pilots licence. He has a share in a very nice Cessna 172 (pictured). We decided to meet somewhere and Gloustershire was a good location for his first trip away on his own since passing. We even managed to time our arrival together me arriving from the south and him from the north. Was good to share in his excitement.
May has turned out to be a really good for flying. I have finished the month having made 18 flights and visited Blackbushe, Goodwood, Pembray, Popham, Gloustershire - some a number of times - as well as lots of local flights. Now in early June I have done my two yearly flight check and looking forward to some European trips.
La Rogerie, France.
A good friend of mine and RV8 builder David lives in France. So when I discussed attending the French RV fly-in at St Brieuc with Robert we decided to stop over at Davids.
As Aeroexpo was also on I took Friday off and departed Thruxton early for my landing slot into Booker. With the intention of an early afternoon departure to Le Touquet to clear French customs. However I received a call from Robert who was at Le Touquet to say an aircraft had a problem and was stuck on the runway. Le Touquet was closed and he was stuck. But just for a few hours - and I was able to depart Booker for Le Touquet. I landed refuel and was soon on my way.
It was now later than I had planned and I was flying on my own through Brittany on the way to a very small private airstrip near Mayenne. It was very over cast and I could only get 2000ft, with very dark clouds in places - the instrument panel was very bright at times! This is were I found the Trio auto pilot a great help. It held me on track and I was able to keep a really good look out. Keep track of position on the maps and refold them as I was covering the distance quite fast.
The following day after navigating the remains of the farmers protests and Davids car breaking down were wer able to depart La Rogerie for the RV flyin. David came with me and Robert followed behind we had a great time at the French RV flyin - a big lunch and looked at some great RVs. We had not planned to stop over night and we returned to La Rogerie.
We planned to return to the UK early on Sunday, and visit the UK RV fly-in at Popham. But after initially planing direct to Popham we had to return due to the bad weather. At 2pm in the afternoon we tried again, but had to stop at Rouen as the first departure and return ment Robert had insufficent fuel. Again it was overcast and we tracked to Treport at 1700-2000ft, where the weather cleared and we were able to climb high for the channel crossing to the UK - to weather we knew was better!
September has some great weather. After not going to Sywell for years I make two trips one being the LAA rally. Trips to White Waltham to see Davids Great Lakes. Gloucestershire, Wycombe and Bembridge Jason meets us at Wycombe and makes his longest trip so far from Manchester to Popham.

Picture: climbing away from Popham with Jeff.
Porsche Aircraft
Pimp your Cessna
Spotted this Cessna on a recent visit to Bembridge. Forget fitting an oil burning diesel engine go for a Porsche engine!!!. Not heard of this mod before but as it's on the D reg proberbly not something the CAA are keen on. Although now we are EASA, perhaps it's possible on the G reg.

Picture by permission Yuri Bobrov.
Spotted departing Popham.

Picture by permission Anthony Noble.

Picture by permission Ian Haskell.
To see more of Ian Haskells pictures go here (opens new window).
Me and Jo.

Picture by permission Anthony Noble.

Picture by permission Anthony Noble.
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