gapilot vans RV7 quick build kit

Wings on about to roll out of the hanger for first engine start.

Roberts RV6, we stop for fuel on the way to the RV fly-in at Colmar.

Phoenix May 2007.
I had been looking for a new project after completing my Vans RV7. I discovered a Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 project for sale in Phoenix Arizona. So after a call or two and a chat with my brother we were on a BA flight to Phoenix. As the trip was primarialy for buying and packing the Great Lakes we were very busy - not helped by problems with the shipping company not delivering the shipping container. However we were able to take a trip over the Grand Canyon.

Bob has just completed the first flight
Trip to Phoenix to buy a Great Lakes 2T-1A-2.
This is N3613L the Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 bi-plane that I purchased from Mark Wood in Phoenix, Arizona. He called it 'Dreamcatcher'. In November 2006 Mark had an in flight problem and lost some of the fabric covering off the top wing centre section. He took the aircraft out of the air and pulled it down for recover. However his curcamstances changed and he decide to sell the Great Lakes.
Perranporth Airfield
Trip to the Grand Cannion.
While in Phoenix we decide to gof ro a flight over the Grand Canyon. There are flight corridors over the Grand Canyon.

The way to fit split pins properly -
Aviation Standards!!

My new project is a Great Lakes 2T-1A-2, I purchased it in Phoenix Arizona
My New Project a Great Lakes

Aleix, his first flight
First twin.
I don't have a twin rating so Isat on the P2 side and Mark sat P1. It was an interestion to fly a twin - Beach Travellair.
Me checking out the Beach TravellAir
Metior Crater
On the way from Phoenix we passed over this metior crater.
Me going for a flight in a Great Lakes at Chandler
Over Grand Canyon
The lanscape is totally flat for miles and miles then suddenly the Grand Canyon. Andy was taking some picture out of the back of the aircraft while I flew over head.
I have sold my Cessna 150
Above 10'000ft.....
Mark and me over the Grand Canyon.
I have sold my Cessna 150
Comeing back into land at Phoenix.
I have sold my Cessna 150
My First Landing in Twin.
I bring the Travelair in to my first twin landing.
Packing up the Great Lakes
Back in the workshop packing up the Great Lakes. See my rebuild site for full trip details about packing, all the problems with the shipping and rebuilding my Great Lakes 2T-1A-2.
I have sold my Cessna 150
I have sold my Cessna FRA150L. Now I have my Vans RV7 flying my Cessna will not get the use it needs so I have decided to sell it. The Cessna was my first aircraft and I have loved flying her. I still enjoy flying her but it will not do her any good at all standing with little use. Brian Doyle and Evy has been relocated to Shannon Ireland. I will be visiting to ensure she is kept clean and shinny!
This is the Great Lakes before it was taken appart. Mark was flying when some fabric came off the top wing and hit the rear.
I have sold my Cessna 150
Hire car....
This was the car I hired, they offered me a Hummer but I just could not bring myself to drive one!
I hired a big car for a reason. I purchased almost all the parts I needed to put the GL back in the air. Here we are loading some of the covering chemicals.
I have sold my Cessna 150
My parents have a caravan - I hate them - but it's nothing like this one!!
T Hanger
We went to help Mark refit a tailwheel. Typical of most airfields in America there were loads of T hangers with all sorts of great aircraft. It would be great to have a few T hangers at my local airfield at home.
I have sold my Cessna 150
It's great what you find in T hangers...........
Vans RV10
I woundered around the hangers and came accross this guy building a Vans RV10. He also had two RV7's he was also building.
I have sold my Cessna 150
Packing the Great Lakes.
Almost every day we did some work packing the Great Lakes. When we discovered the container was not arriving as expected we could no longer pack the aircraft into the container. So we had to build crates to put the parts in.
Flying a Great Lakes
I discovered a local FBO Chandler Air Services had some Great Lakes on their fleet. So I booked some time. Did some landings rolls and loops. Had a great time. Some more pictures and video the Great Lakes on my GL website.
I have sold my Cessna 150
Phoenix is hot!.
Phoenix in May is the start of the hot season. While we were there it got to 120 and never dripped below 100 at night (while we were up to see the temp anyway!). My brother had never been to America before and now realised what air conditioning was for. "Tim, it's midnight and we are in the car and I'm hot. At home I would open the window. If I do that now it will let even hotter air in. Turn the air con up....."
This is my brother Andy who took time off work to come out and help pack and ship my Great Lakes. Thanks Andy.
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