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My new project is a Great Lakes 2T-1A-2, I purchased it in Phoenix Arizona G-GLII

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Weight and Balance.
Every aircraft after construction and throughout its life must be weighed and a weight and balance calculated. I purchased the electronic scales to do my own as I planned to fly it first and then paint it - needs re-weighing after any changes like painting.Here are a few aircraft I have weighed. As an LAA inspector I can sign off the LAA weight and balance forms.
Here are a few pictures of aircraft I have weighed,for some reason I have not taken(or cannot find)many pictures of the ones I have done.

Pitts these are tricky, many models with lots of extras like smoke tank.

When it comes to having your aircraft weighed there are a few things you must have done.
1) It must be complete. That includes all the missing inspection panels!
2) Fuel tank(s) EMPTY. Saying it's okay it has just 20L of fuel does not work. As when the numbers don't tally - it just needs weighing again but with empty tanks.
3) Paperwork.The builders manual with all weight and balance positions, LAA TADs will also have some weight and balance conditions. These will also have to be checked against your aircraft.
On the scales
Great Lakes 2T-1A.
This had to be done twice after some major modifications.

This also reminds me. Check your fuel tank. You plans may say it holds a certain quantity but does it hold more!

On the scales
Great Lakes 2T-1A-2
I have done W&B on two of the three flying UK Great Lakes. This one is mine.

G-STSN Stinson
This is a big aircraft and the tail needs to be high to get it level.
On the scales
Bristell N5 Speed Wing
While doing this weight and balance again the numbers seemed odd with the build manual. Just at this time the LAA found issue with the pilot seating position on this aircraft type.
This is why you need to check the build manual against the actual aircraft and LAA TADS.

I have weighed two of these.

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